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Ellie Barbeau is a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) and graduate of the Milwaukee School of Massage. Ellie attended the University of Minnesota Twin Cities and graduated with a degree in Anthropology during which time she also completed courses such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Complementary and Alternative Therapies, and Holistic Self-Healing. In 2013, Ellie became certified as a Yoga Instructor and Group Fitness Instructor and has taught a variety of classes and formats to a wide range of participants.

She has a passion for promoting a fulfilling lifestyle through balance and mindfulness. By combining her background in wellness and fitness with the comprehensive hands on education that she received at the Milwaukee School of Massage, she aims to provide clients with an integrative approach to healthy living using various modalities and techniques, offering an effective individualized experience for each client.

Ellie believes that through soothing therapeutic massage and client education about the importance of self-care, the influence that daily stress and tension can have on the body can be managed and an alignment of both the body and mind can be achieved.